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Voc Rehab and the GI Bill: What’s the Difference?

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Voc Rehab and the GI Bill: What’s the Difference?

Any Veteran can tell you what the GI Bill is, but what about Voc Rehab? You may have seen “Chapter 31: Vocational Rehabilitation” on forms while filling out education benefits, or a bulletin inside a VA medical center, but maybe you didn’t fully understand the difference between Voc Rehab and the GI Bill. If you thought it was just another way to go to school, you’re only partially right.

Most folks know the program as Vocational Rehabilitation or Chapter 31, but it has been reflagged as theVocational Rehabilitation & Employment Vet Success Program. The purpose of Voc Rehab is simple: Assist service-disabled Veterans to train for, find, and hold down a suitable job, or achieve independence in daily living.

What’s the deal?

Voc Rehab is for service-connected Veterans who want to take their careers in a direction that previous training and current disabilities make difficult.



Article   0 Comments